Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Very Valentine Sleepover.

Tonight is Valentine's night. We traded in a romantic evening with steak, candle light, flowers and a movie for a house full of screaming, giggling and down right crazy 6 year olds! Kylie has a reward sleepover for trying her hardest and making a couple of required elements for her gymnastics that she has has a rough time with. Along with my 3 kids we had 3 MORE 6 year old girls over. And what is a Valentine sleepover without a Valentine craft!

Tonight was filled with building tents for a living room camp out, heart shaped personal pizzas and chocolate and fruit fondue! It is now 9:30 and Horton hears a who just ended. We are one down already! While 3 of the hyperactive munchkins dance around to the movie credits one of the rugrats lays on the floor fast asleep! Pizza and chocolate obviously has different effects on different people. It puts some to sleeps, hypes others up and puts others on the toilet for hours (ok that last one only applies to a certain family member ... some of you know who I am talking about!)

And what is another blog post without more photos.

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