Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A crafter's Dream ..... Or Maybe Just Mine.

All my friends are doing blogs so WHY NOT ME? Right? But thinking long and hard ... what could I possibly blog about? I love to bake cakes. But right now don't get to make enough to actually hold down a decent blog. I also do cupcakes and cookies and stuffed strawberries and just about any decorative, pretty or YUMMY foods. Again still not enough to hold down a decent blog. Then I think, I like to sew ... no ... I LOVE to sew! but once again, not enough to hold down a decent blog.

Then it hit me! I am not a baker, or a seamstress, or a painter ........ I am a crafter .... no .... I am a CRAFT-A-HOLIC! If it can be created, I will create it! So why not blog about crafts. Aside from my kids it really is my love!

Today after much anticipation and waiting I received my serger! Now whenever I tell my friends that I am getting a serger they look at me like I have a third eye growing in the middle of my forehead! That is when I realize that my craftyness has hit a new level, when I have a contraption that is unknown to the general public. But that has been my whole life! Always being the one to be different, and try new things and start a movement! And that is just the way I like it!

So for those of you who may be wondering just what is this crazy serging thingy-ma-bobber. It is just a fancy sewing machine that gives you a more professional finish. and this is what it looks like ...

And this is what I am hoping to make with the serger!

That, would be the leotard I made my daughter! Now to the naked eye it looks great, but it was done with a sewing machine. The serger will allow me to not only shave an hour off sewing time, but just make it more professional overall. Hopefully allowing me to sell some of these babies to pay for that fancy new serger I just bought!

Enough about sewing and more about my other crafts. Since this is my first post I will attach a few photos of my recent cake works. (wow that was hard to pick just a few to attach, I have become quite proud of all my yummy goodies I made!! and yes the following photos are of 100% edible goodness!) MORE CRAFTYNESS TO COME LATER .... PROMISE!!!!


  1. I would love to have a serger because, you are so correct; I love the was a serger makes the inside of seams look like clothes that you can buy in a store instead of raw edges that will ravel! I would make more clothes/bags, etc., if I had a serger. Good luck on the blog! Looks fun!

  2. OK, and ignore that crazy grammaatical thing I did with the comma and colon and such in my first sentence. It was fine but then I edited my sentence and it just went straight to heck! LOL!