Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bumble Bee Leotard

So I tried my hand at not only sewing another leotard (and using my brand new serger YAY!!!!) but I also decided to design the leotard myself too! up until now I have been using patterns but I wanted Kylie to have one of those cool strappy leotards and I am not going to pay $45 for it! So the next best option is to MAKE ONE! After choosing the colors I get to sewing and pretty much winging it! and to my surprise .... it worked! and I didn't even have to rip out seams and start over which I thought for sure I would have to! The leo was a HUGE hit when she went to practice and I really think that I could make a business of this! All her friends want their one custom leotards and want to be able to pick the colors and design them, and the parents offered to PAY me to make it! How awesome is that? I get to craft and get paid for it! Since I cannot legally sell my cakes (you have to have a licensed home kitchen which would cost a lot of money in renovations) which would be my first choice for a "crafting job" my second choice would be sewing and I think I found it!

So here it is. Kylie new leotard. I think she looks like a little bumble bee, so cute!!

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