Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nobody Should Be Without One.

A GLUE GUN OF COURSE! I truly believe that the answer to all the worlds problems is a hot glue gun! As you can see my glue gun is not pretty, and it doesn't have to be, though they do make them in pretty pinks and blues and greens now! Based on the amount of use this baby gets it wouldn't stay pretty very long anyway! If your glue gun does not look like the above photo then you are not using it enough!

Below is the super cool valentine's hair bow made with my glue gun! not only is it cute but will last forever because once that glue dries ... good luck getting it off!

What else can you do with a glue gun????

glue back those broken toys our kids cried for weeks over.
add non slip bottom to any item under the sun
make hair bows
quick hem job for those who are needle challenged
school solar system projects
sole coming off your shoe ???? glue it back on!

and the list goes on .....

If you use your glue gun for anything fun/funky/creative then reply to this and let me know!

1 comment:

  1. My glue gun looks worse than your glue gun! Neener neener! Never thought to use it for non-slip bottoms, but I have used it to glue ribbon to the hem of DD's pants since my crappy sewing machine won't sew thru more than tissue paper.