Thursday, February 12, 2009

Late Night Cookie Decorating.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner all the kids classes are having parties. That means decorating boxes, making Valentine's cards for classmates and endless amounts of goodies for the kids.

I signed up to Make cookies for my 4 year old's preschool class and offered to put their name's on the cookies so that each child could have their own cookie. That was ass fine and good until my 6 year old came home Wednesday (the day before their Valentine's party) and told me that she told the teacher that I would make cookies for their class party! Being the "town baker" has its perks (like everyone wanting to be your friend so they can be my new recipe testers) but it also has it's downfalls, like being expected to bring in goodies for EVERY SINGLE FUNCTION under the sun (and some of these obviously last minute requests ... or rather demands lol)

So because I was a slacker this week I didn't even make the cookie dough until 4pm had to make dinner and let the dough chill then work my REAL job from 7pm to midnight! On my break making the fondant to decorate those cookies! At midnight I promptly signed off work turned on my oven and got to baking the cookies. baking finished by 1am and by 2am I had successfully baked and decorated 17 large heart cookies for my sons class and about 36 small heart cookies for my daughter's class. Had I not been such a slacker they would have been WAY cuter ... but at 1:30am all I could think about was getting that fondant on those suckers and crashing in my bed!

So here they are .... the finished product from my late night (or early morning) cookie session. they are sugar cookie cutouts colored red and decorated with home made fondant. The small cookies are dusted with edible shimmer powder (in the world of cake decorating it is called luster dust)

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