Monday, February 16, 2009

Going On An Interview! ... and I'm kinda feakin out!!

So as if I didn't have enough going on in my life already I decided I needed to weigh myself down more! I sent a local bakery some photos of my cakes and asked if they would be interested in a part time decorator. I love to decorate but doing so in my home can be stressful. You know with the dogs that I have to lock in the kennel for hours so they don't get in the kitchen, the kids coming in wanting to see the progress or taste the icing, the husband wanting all the cake tops I shave off to level the cake and of course the endless amount of time I have to get out and put away supplies because of other things I have to do in the kitchen, like make meals and feed my family something other than cake scraps.

With that being said the bakery promptly gave me a call saying that they were impressed with my work and would like me to come in for an interview. They know I have a full time job already and a family yet they still seem willing to give me the opportunity to try and work out some sort of part time thing that could benefit us both.

So now I sit here, with an interview scheduled for Thursday afternoon, wondering ..... "what did I just get myself into?" Between the morning school routine, morning work shift, afternoon school routine, making dinners, shuttling to and from after school activities, evening work shift and billions of OTHER crafts I want to dig my hands into ... oh and the leotards that the moms from my daughter's gym are asking me to make that they will PAY me for .... I go and get an interview to be a decorator at a bakery. Am I insane? Wait don't answer that!

On the up side, IF I decide that the schedule will somehow work out for me, I will be PAID to craft! How
freakin awesome is that. and MY house won't be the house getting messy while I craft.

So keep your fingers crossed for me! I have not been on a real job interview in quite some time, and definitely never been on one where I have to put on an apron and play with frosting for my potential boss. It will be a test of skills I am sure ... you know .... to make sure those cakes I emailed them were indeed made by me. I could either end up loving the fact that I finally have a reason to get out of the house and not feel guilty about not being here to take care of my motherly and household duties or I could add so much more responsibility and stress to my life that I have a mental breakdown ...... Only time will tell.

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