Sunday, February 15, 2009

PhotoShop Is My Friend!

Did you ever wonder how all those models look so perfect! with the help of a good makeup artist and a great photo editing software ANYONE can look great! I by no means am perfect or even have a great complexion. After having kids I have struggled with adult acne. I find that the camera often is not my friend. I have tried very hard to become friends with my little pocket size image capturing device but it seems that no matter how much makeup I pack onto my face (and I HATE makeup) that little device seems to pick up on every flaw!

That is when I realized that I too can look like I have a flawless complexion. I often get those comments from people wanting to know what kind of makeup I use because my skin looks great in my photos. My response "photoshop" lol. I am not to proud to admit that I am digitally enhanced in about 75% of the photos I post on the internet. After all, I am the crafting queen! I want everything else in my life to look all cute and pretty, why wouldn't I want my own photos to look that way too? Who wants to open up a photo book 50 years from now and look back with the grandkids about all the fun stuff you did with their mommy or daddy when THEY were kids and all they can see is that big red dot on your nose? All of you with kids who what I am talking about when I say kids are brutally honest! "eew mom, what happened to your forehead?? there is a big red bump on it!" I don't like hearing it now I definitely don't want to hear it when I am 70 years old and going through my memories with a brand new generation of munchkins who are full of uncensored questions.

So since most people don't get to see my before photos I figure I will post one today.



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