Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Home Work"

Yes, you see it right. The craft-a-holic was in the news paper! Thanks to Nancy Degennaro for interviewing me for an article she was to write about moms who work at home! I think it is awesome that the word about work at home moms is getting out. We work harder than I think most people will ever realize!

Nancy also decided that she was going to use me for the photo to go along with the article and it turned out great! Ethan was so stinkin excited that he was going to be in the paper! The photographer came over to take a photo of what a normal (actually very busy and hectic) day at my house looks like and that involves Ethan! He has been waiting all week for the paper to be printed. When we picked up a copy we were very surprised to see we were on the FRONT PAGE of the Lifestyles section and the photo was HUGE! It was exciting to see though in print! Oh and not only is it a HUGE photo but my face is covered in flour from baking which Ethan also thought was the funniest thing ever!

Above is a scanned copy of the paper and you can read the full article HERE!


  1. I'm so glad that it worked out! I knew you would be perfect for the article! xxoo