Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Art At It's Finest!

Ah yes, I am a proud mother of one of the artsiest kids around! My little boy Ethan spent weeks at preschool preparing for their annual spring art show! Parents, grandparents, siblings and friends get to walk through the colorful hallways filled with paintings, photos, sculptures and other various works of art made by 1-5 year olds! It is such a joy to see what these kids can do.

Ethan was proud as a peacock to show us what he made and I was one proud mama seeing everything he has done! Here are just a few of the amazing pieces of Art that we got to view!

Aren't his creations Wonderful?!?! Here are some photo of the wall displays as you walk through the preschool. All the kids worked so hard on this and we just loved being able to be there so that the kids could show off to everyone all their hard work and creativity!

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