Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Lot To Update! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN!! 5 Years Today!

Boy it has been CRAZY around here ... I mean just NUTS! The kids have been out of school for spring break for 2 weeks. I have been in and out of the doctors for an ongoing issue (no worries it is getting better) and our fridge broke down last week!!!

With that being said, I did have some extra time to craft. After all what is life without art? Art/Crafts=my sanity! I got my first PAID leotard Order for a girl that does gymnastics with Kylie. She LOVES it and wears it often. And now I am getting MORE orders from parents because the kids get to see how other girls have customized their OWN leotards and they want that too. YAY!

Lets see... Then I am planning Ethan and Kylie's birthday parties. They want a carnival party filled with games and prizes. My first order of business was making invitations which you can see below. In the next week to come I will have updates of the games I am making and then will come photos of the event! I will be making balloon animals and my bestest will doing the face painting!

Now comes the not so fun part. Our Fridge broke down a week ago and we had to shop around for a new one (well not new, but new to us) and have had to store our food in the neighbor's fridge which has put a strain on EVERYTHING around here. BUT the good news is that we got a fridge yesterday!!! YAY! So things are getting back to normal ... well except for the fact that my old broken down unrepairable fridge is STILL IN MY KITCHEN!!! Why you may ask? .... Well .... my husband seems to have some crazy "emotional attachment" to this fridge ... his words, not mine! He doesn't want to let the thing go and wants to try and repair it (which the repair was so expensive that is the reason we got a different one in the first place!) So not to go on a rant, if the thing isn't gone in 2 weeks he doesn't get a choice, I am placing it on craigslist for FREE and the first one to come get it can HAVE IT! In the below Photo, the fridge on the right is our "new" working on, the left fridge is the one that is just so amazing it has made my husband form an emotional attachment to it.

Last order of business for the day. TODAY IS ETHAN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG MAN! He i 5 years old and for his class I have made root beer float cupcakes YUM!

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