Monday, April 20, 2009

Crazy Carnival

The Carnival was a success!!! (for the most part) Other than a downpour of icky rain that dampened our spirits just a bit and forced us under a pavilion instead of out in the field we had a great time! The turnout was great, we enlisted the neighbor kids to help run carnival game booths and we had a blast!

By far the most popular game was the "Cookie Walk" My Mother and I made cookies (she made PB&J and Snicker doodles and I made chocolate chip cookies!) My Sister In Law ran the booth which involved playing Disney music while the kids walked around numbered plates. When the music stopped a number was drawn at random and the kid who was standing on that number got a bag of 3 cookies! I'm tellin ya, some kids left there with several bags of cookies, THEY RACKED UP!!!

Next we had face painting, My Mother ran that booth and did an AWESOME JOB!. The kids loved it. We even had sparkles to put on for the little girls.

My Oldest Daughter Alaina ran the tattoo parlor, kids love tattoos so that was another big hit at the party!

The oldest of the neighbor kids ran the popcorn booth because what is a carnival party without POPCORN!!!

The youngest neighbor ran the bean bag toss.

PJ (Hubby) had the task of running the ladder ball game! This game of course involved throwing balls attached by rope over ladder rungs so we needed a competent adult for that one lol.

We also had a ping pong ball toss which my Mother In Law ran!

I think that is it! .... no Wait you may be wondering what I did? Well I was the "clown" for the day! I did balloon animals. That was another big hit! I was not able to do WHATEVER they wanted but I was able to do a handful of things including: crazy hats, flowers, dogs, cats, monkeys, swords and butterflies. I will have to learn how to do more next time but the kids loved it and that is all that mattered. I had a steady stream of kids the whole time and managed to "kill" (pop) like 5 animals as I was making them (R.I.P. little guys, you never had a chance!)

Lastly was the cake! I made their carnival cakes and stacked them on top of balloons to fit the theme. They were a big hit! Each cake had a layer of chocolate chip fudge cake and moist white cake and in between that was Oreo cookie buttercream filling. Everyone loved the cake, and Ethan's top tier was left over and I actually had one parent want to take the whole thing home with him YAY! I hate taking cake home because I WILL EAT IT!!! So when A parent requests a slice of cake (or better yet THE WHOLE THING ..... THEY CAN HAVE IT!)

On a more serious note before I let you stop reading I want to ask for prayers for a sweet little girl. Kylie's friend Sydney has been in and out of the hospital for a month with a temporary form of Lupus (not sure the name) and has been on lots of steroids and just feeling crappy all together. After her 3rd hospital stay lasting a week she got to go home on Saturday (the day before the party) Because her birthday was that Monday (2 days later) we told her that if she was feeling up to it she could share the party because she is not able to have one of her own right now. I made her a cake only to find out that after she got home she caught a NASTY stomach virus and had been throwing up all night Saturday and all morning Sunday. The poor girl just got home from the hospital and then got sick AGAIN making her miss the party. We delivered her cake to her to try and cheer her up and hopefully she will feel good enough to eat the cake in a couple days. With that being said PLEASE pray for her healing and that she recovers quickly and does not have to go back to the hospital for a 4th stay.